Create and Deliver high quality cost-efficient application by latest technologies who meet industry standard and practices.

What we doing every day…

(Toughened) Developers

Software is what we do best. We all are passionate developers, mainly Java, SAP, JavaScript, from back-end stuff to desktop, and of course web and mobile apps. If you are looking for an experienced team to offshore your project or product development, or if you want to be helped by one or more ninjas: we’ll be there.

(Passionate) Consultants

As senior developers, we have all worked for numerous clients, with various technologies, domains, tools and practices. With these experiences, we can help you make good choices and take your first step towards building your own applications with good quality and in budget that suites you. The reason we founded Staunchsys is that we share one common passion and several desires.

Programming is an art

We are all passionate about programming. Programming is often considered as a non-rewarding beginner’s job that you take at the beginning of your career, before becoming an analyst or a manager. However, we have a different take on things. Programming is what we enjoy, and we think a project will succeed, first and foremost, if its developers excel in their art.

Programming is creation

We love our job because it’s always challenging us with new problems to solve, new technical skills to master, new puzzles and algorithms to develop. It feeds our brains, requires knowledge and creativity. We see business problem as opportunity to apply art of programming and create a craft that caters requirement of day to day business elegantly. Our highly skilled programmers follow Industry standard compliance processes and best practices in development while learning and excelling in new technologies. Innovation, learning and customer delight are what drive us.