Company Story

Two Technocrats Behind the Curtains

Here is the untold story of learning, going and making dreams come true.

The Beginning

The Beginning

Kishor and Rahul, two individuals with the same thought process started working hard towards their dreams. They opted to cater Enterprise solutions to global markets and to work with diverse domains like Insurance, Superannuation and Finance. Over a period, with a handful of experience, Kishor travelled abroad to meet international clients and to know how ecosystem works for users. Having gained years of knowledge, Kishor and Rahul staunchly worked on three pillars of enterprise services.

1. Understanding enterprises
2. Cost effectivity
3. 360° solution

Our Vision

Stepping Up

While on their journey to success, they both started building B2B relations with customers and catered onshore – offshore model to work and manage budget. Having utilized technical expertise, Kishor and Rahul understood the needs of end customers and continued to achieve various milestones and as a result, built a team in India.

What a journey

Shaping their Dream

Finally, their dream came true, Staunchsys was born with a mission to provide 360° solutions to B2B partners and enterprise customers.

What a journey! Kishor and Rahul are proud to be hustlers, as they enjoyed this roller coaster ride of fun and challenges.