Staunchsys has earned its name in the insurance industry that reverberates with the word ‘wellness’. As an organization, we care about and highly emphasize the wellbeing of our employees. Work and play have a thin line separating them, here at Staunchsys. We believe in individuals handling variety of work rather than coming back to the same old drudgery every single morning.

Just like we are next to none when it comes to work, we are the same with fun too. Whether it is fun and educational Saturdays, or celebrating all festivals, our workplace gives everyone the opportunity to be more social and more creative.

At Staunchsys, we always work as a team, under a management that knows when it’s time to give constructive feedback, and when to lend a listening ear to an employee. We are an organization born out of a strong entrepreneurial spirit, that firmly believes in keeping our promises to our clients. We are a growing company that thrives on an infallible sense of work ethic and integrity, as well as respect for every individual, both inside and outside of the company.