Business Process Management

What is Business Process Management?

Staunchsys think, live and breathe Business Process Management. Content Management and BPM are our DNA. We are proud to have highly experienced team who closely works with Insurance, Finance and Superannuation customers for a better business understanding.

BPM and CMS processes

How do we work towards BPM and CMS processes?

Once you hire consultants from us, you are halfway reached! At Staunchsys, we not only add value to your organization but also help compete the market with better ROI. The way we work is quite unique and different from many other companies.

Companies who don’t know what BPM is, or might have multiple LOB with various business processes. We guide them to choose LOB, find single use case and implement BPM solution. Then we deploy the software at client’s site and let them utilize further. Thereafter, we update our matrix and measure the difference what value they are gaining and what kind of improvements are needed to increase their efficiency.

On the other hand, companies who use BPM but are not able to compete to gain the required ROI, we help them understand market demand, optimize business processes to make their work more intelligent and efficient.

Key services, we offer

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Business Process consulting and professional services

Installation, customization and configuration

Business process Analysis, Design, Development and Optimization

BPM Integration


Product development


Our expertise in BPM products




UIPath (RPA)