A Document and Workflow Management Solution

About This Project

Our client asked us to develop a software application that would help them centralize their document storage and simplify their overall operations. Here’s the unique Document and Workflow Management solution that we came up with:


A reputed company, based mainly in Europe asked Staunchsys to develop a software application that would replace their manual document management system to serve their end-to-end payroll outsourcing solution more efficiently. This application would need to tackle:

  • Insufficient storage problem
  • Inefficient retrieval of payroll documents
  • The high possibility of manual error
  • The risk of document access by any unauthorized party
  • The risk of losing a potentially important document



Team Stauchsys, after much consideration, zeroed in on the idea of an SOA-based multi-tenant cloud solution which would easily manage our client’s payroll client companies and their respective employees. We aptly call it, a Document and Workflow Management solution.

Through this perfect end-to-end solution, we not only solved all the challenges but also introduced a few extra features to increase the efficiency and reliability of their business.

  • Little to No Human Error
    • We made sure that the end customer is able to store, index, as well as retrieve documents, without any hassle.
    • No more do they have to deal with the inefficient way of document search via email.
    • Centralized document storage is to further ensure there are no human errors to worry about.
    • No more, document exchanges via mail.
  • Storage – No Longer a Challenge
    • The software stores all documents centrally, and organizes them in a proper hierarchical folder structure.
    • Enabling indexing of documents ensures a fast and effective search, every single time.
    • All this well-organized information is further secured by an access-control list.
  • Easy Yet Safe Data Access
    • This Document and Workflow Management solution has been designed in a way that it should be easily accessible – no matter where, no matter which device.
    • Software security is always our number one concern. Being a multi-tenant app, every user has their individual access rights only, making it impossible to gain access to information not concerning them.
    • The centrally-stored database does imply a flexible document store/access model, but without making a compromise in security.
  • Features That Boost Efficiency and Reliability
    • Version control to help our client and their clients manage multiple versions of any document undergone revisions and redrafting.
    • Document Annotation, so that end-users are able to attach comments, explanations, notes, or any external remarks to the whole or a selected part of a document.
    • The software also lets the end-users design their own workflows in a highly flexible and structured manner.
    • Finally, this software comes with the significant feature of archiving in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that came into force in May 2018.



Our client, being a payroll company, has a large number of employees from a lot of different companies, and their personal information to keep a track of storing this information, keeping it organized, keeping confidential, is no more a headache, thanks to this Document and Workflow Management solution. With the help of our software application, our client has been able to streamline both, their data as well as day-to-day operations, with success. Owing to the generic nature of this software, it should work for any business, irrespective of the industry or domain – Manufacturing, Insurance, Banking, Finance, or any other vertical.

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