Custom CRM application

About This Project

Our client here is a first-of-its-kind dating company in Asia where single professionals can set up their dates with potential partners, and eventually even find love, over lunch. Launched in Singapore in the year 2004, their business model has found major success since. Today, they have expanded their presence around Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.


Helping people take on the complicated dating scene, our client too needed to take on a few challenges of its own. They required an application that would tackle:

  • Multiple channels for lead-generation without an efficient lead tracking system
  • A lack of a proper system, such as email, SMS, or phone, to record customer communication
  • A lack of a central storage place for all the customer details
  • An inefficient lead-to-opportunity conversion rate
  • No work assignment and/or work lead in sight
  • Manual lead distribution and lead management
  • Only a basic excel-based reporting system for managers
  • Not a scalable enough system that could handle modifications in the complex matchmaking algorithms
  • A lack of a system to keep a track of all the sales as well as the services provided to clients
  • Only a basic excel-based reporting system followed by managers (it was nowhere near enough for the complicated decision-making process this business entails)



The idea here was to develop a CRM application to efficiently manage their leads, contacts, opportunities, appointments, sales, and customer services. Staunchsys rose to the challenge and came up with the perfect solution that would cater to each of its client requirements.

Today, our client can boast about:

  • Better Storage, Redefined Efficiency
    • User and member details are centrally managed and synced across different systems.
    • The system can now send automated SMSes and emails to notify members, as when required; it can automatically capture the replies too.
    • Adding and removing channels for lead generations is now extremely easy.
    • The app introduced an automated workflow to effectively convert the leads to opportunities.
    • We brought a role and function-based security system into use.
    • The application comes with the ability to generate rich reporting.
    • Implementation of a complex matchmaking algorithm was another major undertaking of the software.
    • The algorithm of the software also makes it provide cross-sell and upsell recommendations.
    • The app ensures a more efficient algorithm for user work distribution and assignment.
    • Typeform integration for feedback makes collecting information both comfortable as well as conversational.
    • The software undertook the implementation of API to help integrate with other applications.
  • Hub and Spoke Architecture
    • The technology needs of a business increase proportionally to its growth. We made sure our client has a consistent architecture which scales.
    • This architecture also helps increase business agility.
    • A hub-spoke architecture allows all the data to flow through one place, that is the hub. That means it keeps a track of every data entry, every transaction, and so on. Therefore, not only does the hub facilitate every business operation, but also provides our client with a bigger, more holistic picture of all of the operations.



Our client is a dating company; naturally, it caters to a great number and a wide range of people from various countries. Erratic handling of member data, or haphazard storage of user details, or lack of timely notifications, are just a few of the million things that could go wrong and hurt the business irrevocably. The CRM application we designed for them has made it easy for them to worry less about the efficiency of their day-to-day activities and more about the efficacy of their business model and further growth.


It’s a software that has, without a doubt, worked well for this premier dating agency. Nonetheless, it should work just as well for other businesses too, irrespective of their size, their growth model, and the industry vertical they belong to.

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